Levelling up cooking

Cooking is not ‘levelled up’ in the same way as all previous expansions. Instead of getting better and better at cooking as you go from level 700-800, you get ‘better’ at cooking each particular recipe, levelling it from tier 1-3.


If you particularly want to be level 800 in cooking, it is quick to get “The Joy of Draenor Cooking” from mobs in Draenor, then craft cheap Draenor cooking recipes such as Grilled Saberfish/ Saberfish Broth to reach 600, and cooking whichever 600-700 cooking recipes have the cheapest materials in the Auction House. From 700, craft Legion foods until you reach 800.


For Broken Isles cooking, first you will learn starter recipes, then the delicacies and feasts. The first 6 recipes are rewards from quest lines.

1. Recipe: Salt and Pepper Shank: Nesingwary’s camp, Highmountain
2. Recipe: Fighter Chow: Shipwreck Arena, Azsuna
3. Recipe: Deep-Fried Mossgill: Bradensbrook, Val’sharah.
4. Recipe: Faronaar Fizz: Court of Farondis, Azsuna
5. Recipe: Pickled Stormray: Valdisdall in Stormheim
6. Recipe: Barracuda Mrglgagh: Shipwreck Cove, Highmountain

The next recipe, Dried Mackerel Strips, comes from Nomi in your Legion Dalaran kitchen. Nomi will appear to you after you receive your first Legion recipe and ask you to meet him in Dalaran. Once 6 recipes are acquired, you can work on Opening the Test Kitchen. Pick up Nomi’s Silver Mackerel from a nearby barrel, click on Nomi, and then select the option to start the Work Order. This Order will complete very quickly and you will get Recipe: Dried Mackerel Strips.